Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Images: Greenland

The title may mislead you to think that I set foot in Greenland, I just flew over it. 

This huge island next to the North Pole naturally has no seasons other than winter.  This is a mostly uninhabited frozen country, as it cannot provide a hospitable environment for people to live in comfort. It had pertained to Denmark at the end of an interesting historical chain of events. 

I photographed the big mass of glacier which joins the sea within a narrow inlet on the southern part of Greenland. This is the best image I could capture from behind the many layers of the small window of a plane flying at an altitude of 10 km.

When we go into more detail, we can clearly see the glacier slowly flowing to the sea. The picture below reflects the view formed by the fluid mass making its way towards the sea. 

Even from such a distance, it is very exciting to be able to see this magnificent formation. I could take these shots, thanks to a clear weather

Right after taking the above pictures, I photographed the map on the video screen of my seat. Thus, I can give an idea about the location of these scenes.


These photos were the reward of sitting on a window seat on the flight from Istanbul to New York. I hadn't the slightest idea at the start of my journey that I would be able to capture such shots.

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